Embark on an extraordinary journey of creativity as you explore Crew Figures’s handmade dolls, including our signature colored ceramic doll and figurines. With just your concept in mind, our team will take the reins and bring the idea to life. Before you make your purchase, take a moment to immerse yourself in the wealth of information on this page. It’s your gateway to order our vibrant and captivating ceramic dolls. Get ready to be amazed by our personalized service, where we craft a truly one-of-a-kind gift that will leave the world in awe!


Photo requirements

  1. Please provide clear photos as new photos will not be accepted after the order has been confirmed.
  2. Photos can be a clear full-body photo and corresponding photos of each part.
    (e.g. poses, shoes, accessories, props)
    A. “Appearance” — a front photo with clear facial features for hand-carving
  1. “Hairstyle” — such as bangs, photos of hair tied up like buns or ponytails, etc. This  photo is also used as a reference for hair color
  2. “Clothing” — a photo of a full-body garment or accessory

【Clay doll】 Items B and C are required; 【Live figurines】 Items A, B, and C are required.



  1. If there are any specific requirements for the basestand or background of your colored ceramic doll and other orders, please take the initiative to explain the concept and design.
    “Basestand” — the part that supports the figurine, a free word plate could be added with your ideal short sentences
    “Background” — auxiliary scenes and accessories, additional quotations are made according to the complexity
  2. Customers will have to take the initiative to let us know if there are any special requests such as color or details of the colored ceramic doll and figurines. An additional amendment fee will incur for subsequent information changes.


  1. The designer will confirm order details with the customer before passing information to the craftsman, it is not necessary to draw sketch before the carving process.
  2. We understand that customers treated the work with feelings and emotions on the figurine as it represents people. Although everyone has subjective opinions, please maintain respect, and keep the communication rational.
  3. Craftsmen will take photos of the craft step-by-step and proceed to the final step after it has been confirmed by the customer. Customers can take the initiative to request photos from different angles at this stage.
  4. It takes at least one day even for minor changes. Good thing takes time, please allow some time with patience.
  5. Please allow enough time and be sure to strike a balance between perfection and time, it will take at least 6 days to go through the post-production period.
  6. There is no perfect handicraft in the world, the most important thing is to deliver your love through handmade dolls.


  1. It takes at least 6 days to go through the post-production period, please wait patiently.
  2. Patience is very important in making handmade dolls, we will make arrangements according to the date noted in the order.
  3. Customers are requested to choose a delivery method, including face-trade / SF Express / truck delivery / airmail delivery.
  4. For specific products and orders, customers are strongly advised to use a certain pick-up method, such as face-trade for flower products, and truck delivery for large quantities and heavy items.

Points to note

  1. Crew Figures is professional in designing and handmaking, please respect the effort and creation. Handmade will never be perfect as everyone has different aesthetics.
  2. Normal differences can be seen in handmade products, we work hard to lower these kinds of defects, but there is no guarantee that the finished product could be copied exactly the same as the reference photo.